Thursday, April 22, 2010

Uh-Oh! The Moments You Realize You Screwed Up

Unfortunately, I can tell endless stories of my goofy mistakes- I am the single most klutzy person you probably have had the pleasure of meeting. Tripping over my own feet, spilling drinks like nobody's business, And did I mention forgetful? Kevin can tell me what time he will be getting home and what our dinner plans are, and an hour later it's like we never had a conversation. So I really can't blame pregnancy or the hectic schedule of taking care of Ansley for my brain freezes.

On our first real outing, we went to the mall. Stroller? Check. Diaper bag? Check. Baby? Check. We are ready to go! After a quick lunch, Ansley was ready to eat herself, so I fed her in the middle of the crowded food court. First meal on first outing? Success! Until she spit up. All over. Me and her. And I realized what I forgot- a change of clothes for her. Or a new shirt for me. I tried to clean us up as best I could and covered my milk-stained shirt with my black cardigan. But it was so darn hot, I finally said the heck with it and wore my mommy shirt as a badge of honor. Yes, I have a child and yes, I'm still new at this. I dare you to call me on it!

Since then I have forgotten diaper bags altogether (no Pampers Swaddlers can be a scary thing! The whole meal was an adrenaline rush while we secretly hoped we could eat without a poop blow-out or a screaming infant.) I've left the house without a backup bottle (not smart, but I'm slowly figuring this one out!) I've used everything BUT a burp cloth as a burp cloth in a pinch. Blanket. Shirt sleeve. Baby clothes. Kitchen towel. And I guess these are all normal new-mom moments that most of us experience. At least I hope so, because otherwise I'm a little on the slow side! But the moment when you realize that something has been left behind/not cleaned/dropped on the floor/pooped on, there's still that panicked feeling. Uh-oh!


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