Monday, April 19, 2010

Better Late Than Never

So I started this blog late. Way late- pregnancy? Missed that whole thing. First month- gone! I wish I would have started earlier and captured every moment. But time got away from me and here I am with a 5 week old. But I decided to do it. Because I want to remember.

Today is April 19th and my little girl is 39 days old. I can't believe that I have been a mommy for over a month. I'm still learning the ropes- and it's obvious! From our first outing that ended in messy shirts for both of us (I forgot to bring a change of clothes for me AND her), to worrying if I'm playing with her the "right" way (Is this song "stimulating" enough?). I've definitely got the worrying thing down. But I am so in love with my baby and I am having the time of my life figuring out this whole mom thing. I can't wait to continue on the adventure of raising my little girl. So... here goes!


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